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The TriTronics sport basic g3 is an entry-level sport g3 dog training model. It does not have a beeper like the upland g3 and it does not have multiple corrections mode you see on the g3 as well. But it does have the basic correction features of all the basic trainers on the market. The new Garmin/Tri-Tronics PRO Series replaces the G3 EXP trainers. The transmitter here you have three buttons on the front of transmitter. The top button triggers the tone button to send to the collar in order to warn your dog before you send a correction. The middle button sends a continuous correction to your dog that can last for about 10 seconds when held down. The bottom button sends a momentary correction which gives a quick jolt to the dog. The correction dial lets you set the correction strength from levels 10 down to 1. 10 being the highest and one being the lowest.

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On the side you can select the collar that you are using. What is nice about the g3 collar is that you can add three additional collars later, even on the basic level one dog system. The transmitter has a half mile range and is powered by a disposable 9-volt battery that lasts a few months. This is a really durable transmitter. The collar looks very similar to the g3 collar. The color is on the clunky side and great in using this collar for dogs over 25 pounds. The on and off switch is on the bottom and once you're powered on the system you will see the status lights start to blink. The collar is recharged by placing the transmitter on a charging tray. The charge is a speedy two hours even though the collar uses the older nickel style batteries nimh batteries. The collar comes with the rubber collar band that has a metal buckle. Also comes with long and short probes for long and short haired dogs as well as a handy tool for changing them out. In conclusion the g3 is a good basic collar and is one of the most durable and reliable training collar on the market.

G3 Training

In the beginning using an electronic collar specifically the tritronics sport basic g3, it can be a little bit intimidating in dog training, however when used properly the collar can be one of the most effective training tools you have in helping your dog reach his full potential. I like to attach the collar high on the dog's neck and in a nice snug position. All Tri Tronics collars come from the factory with both short and long contact points. Should your dog have a very dense or a long coat you may want to replace those short contact points with the longer ones. It's also appropriate at this time to mention collar wiseness that is to say the dog that knows when the collar zone and gives the appropriate behavior but then reverts to undesired behavior when it's off. In order to avoid this common problem it's very very important that you have the dog wear the collar at all times during the early training stages.

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Another form of collar wiseness is the dog that's collar shy. Again to avoid this you want to have the dog wear the collar at all times in training and you want to adhere to a sound collar training program not leaving any steps out. Let's talk a little bit about choosing the appropriate intensity level of stimulation for your dog. I like to start my dogs on the lowest level of stimulation and gradually work my way up until I get a good positive reaction from the dog. This can be indicated by a simple ear twitch or a little bob of the head. Something to let me know that the dog fills the stimulation without actually being overwhelmed by. Vocalization is usually an indication that the intensity level is too high and should be turned down a little bit. If you watch your dog closely you will learn over time what stimulation level works best for him and helping him to learn. Most TriTronics models can be used very effectively in teaching basic commands. Dogs learn in a couple of different ways and the tritronics sport basic can really help. First they learn by association. Primarily however dogs learn through repetition before adopting a g2 and g3 collar. That's why any good training program takes a systematic step-by-step approach. It's very important to keep repeating those steps until your dog has learned the desired behavior. It's equally important to incorporate praise into all of your training as it helps keep the dog with an upbeat attitude and let's face it it makes training a whole lot more fun for both you and the animal. Before we begin training with the collar we first need to teach the dog a few basic obedience commands on lead namely heal, sit stay and here. We begin with the heel command on lead because it allows us to gain a little bit of control over the dog. From there we progress to the sit stay command and finally perhaps the most important obedience command of all, the here command. When teaching the dog heal we want to be sure and give her plenty of encouragement for a job well done. We want the dog during this training to learn to walk along beside it's calmly on the slack lead. The dog should not lag along behind, but the dog should also not walk the handler. Once the dog becomes comfortable walking at our side on lead it's time to progress on to the sit stay command. We teach sit stay while the dog is walking in our side by gently tugging up on the lead and giving the command like so. During this training we're telling the dog to sit heel and stay is implied. After the dog learns to reliably sit upon command it's time to move on to the here portion of the training. We want to first sit the dog out in front of us, move away from the dog and encourage her to come here with a gentle tug on the lead. Remember to incorporate plenty of praise into your training. We want the dog to know that coming to us when called it's the greatest thing she can ever do with your tritronics sport.

Now that your dog has learned a few basic training obedience commands on lead it's time to progress to the training collar of the training. In the beginning we want to condition the dog collar stimulation, that is we want to teach the dog to associate the collar stimulation with a known command. Once again we're going to go through heel, sit stay, and here. But this time we're going to replace the gentle tug on the lead with gentle stimulation from g3 exp collar. We have found in our training that it's best if we start to stimulate the dog on the sit command. Once again we begin by walking the dog at our side on lead at heel. Then we replace the tug on the lead with gentle collar stimulation. You will be able to see from dog's reaction that she's feeling the stimulation. It's also important during this heel portion of the training that once in a while you give the dog a freebie from a gun dog supply, that is to say you give the command without stimulation. You may find after you stimulate the dog to sit a few times that she begins to lag along behind you. This is a good time to start to stimulate the dog also to heel. Notice how when I give the dog a little gentle stimulation with the collar she begins to move better into place. The goal of this portion of the training is to begin to see the dog respond in a reliable and quick fashion to all commands. Finally we progressed to the here portion of the training. Once again we believe the dog in the sitting position sit and move away but this time instead of tugging on the lead we give her a little gentle encouragement to come toward us.  As with all training remember to praise your dog frequently for a job well done. Now that we've introduced the dog to the basic obedience commands on lead and condition the dog to get a good stable response to the collar stimulation it's time to move on to the off lead portion of the training. We're going to begin this segment with the heel command. With a dog training collar, it's normal for the dog to lag a little bit behind and become apprehensive. I'm simply going to encourage her with a little gentle stimulation with the collar whenever she falls behind. As you can see from her little head bob she fills the collar she's receiving the stimulation. She's given us the proper reaction that we want to it. She's given us the kind of response that we're looking for. Continue with the phrase throughout this portion of the training. In just a few short sessions with your dog training system,  your dog should be capable of walking it heel even with your leg off lead with the use of the Tri Tronics collar. Once the dog becomes accustomed to walking it heel off lead we can start to teach sit with the collar. We begin by having the dog heel at our side. At this point the dog is beginning to really respond to the heel command. Now it's time to interject a sit command. As in training on lead, every once in a while we want to give her a freebie. As she becomes more and more proficient you'll begin to see much much faster reaction times. Remember to keep these training sessions short and reward the dog with lots of praise. Now it's time to move into perhaps the most important obedience command of all, here. We began by teaching the dog to come here on lead we progress to on lead using the collar, now we're about to teach the dog to come here off lead with the collar in hopes that one day we'll be able to call our dog here using the collar in any situation. Just as with sit we're going to begin teaching here by first walking the dog at heel. Should she lag a little bit behind you can still continue to stimulate the dog to the right position. While walking we're going to put her in a sit position, move away from her and then encourage her to come here. Should she give us a slow response to the here command, we'll give her a little sit gentle stimulation to encourage her to come. So now you're probably wondering how long do I have to have my dog wear the collar after she's mastered these basic obedience commands? In response I would say that you need to continue to have the dog wear the collar until you feel certain that you're going to get the desired response every time the command is given.

You've got your basic electronics are in this piece of the receiver a portion of it is actually the entire battery you can see the line right there between the two of them. With a new collar you don't have to mess with the battery as it's installed and ready to go. These are your contact points or charging points and then these are your contact points. To use the collar you have to turn it on and press the button in and release it. While its on it will flash at you green. When the battery gets low the top light will change to an amber color and then when it gets extremely low it'll turn red. I don't advise that you let that happen. You're not gonna hurt it by charging it on a regular basis. On the back of the transmitter you have your battery compartment. It comes with a nine volt battery that's installed ready to go. There are replacement transmitter available in case you ever need one or replace it. The intensity dial allows you to raise and lower the stimulation level. It is a 10 level dial it starts on an N which is in neutral when the collar is in a neutral it turns all the buttons off or nothing happens. To stimulate you have to go up to a level and then you have a 1/2. You have continuous or momentary continuous momentary and then you have levels increase in 1/2 increments. This is your dog selector now it should come out of the box black which matches your black collar strap on your collar. if you decide later to add a second or third dog even then have a red and blue. When your selector dials are on a different color it's not going to work. You want to make sure your selector stays on the dog color that you're trying to use you.

When we're talking about tri tronic systems we're talking about the tritronics sport basic g3 transmitter and transmitter controls the different functions of the system.The collar is the key part of the system and what's neat about tri tronic systems is that in the field and proline they use the exact same collar. You start off with a classic 70 and go all the way up to a pro 500, so you're actually getting the exact same collar. One of my favorite things about this particular system is the design of the battery. If you look closely at this system there's a split in between the top of the collar and the bottom of the collar and that's the battery. Unlike every other system on the market the two parts are separate pieces and so they are completely independently waterproof. When you have to switch a battery out you do not open up the system you don't get to see the electronics. There's no circuit board anything along those lines it's just two separate pieces. That's great because it just makes them a little bit more dependable. It always makes me nervous when I'm switching out a battery on a collar I open it up and I can see all the insides of it I just really don't care for that.  That's one of the things about the EXP receiver that I personally like. It is a pretty simple device. You've got loops for your collar strap and are all set up where they'll switch out on pretty much any of the glow style straps that we use. They have to be the thin straps so some of the exp and g3 receiver and dog collars might not fit. The majority of our our thin high flex straps will work slide through. I prefer to have mine as close to the buckle as possible which gives you the most flexibility as far as sizing goes. A couple other key parts are the contact points which you can switch these out for long or short. Then you've got your own off button, it's the button here on the top when you turn it on it will beep at you and you can see the flashing light flashes green about every two seconds. When the collar is turned on this is your battery indicator it'll go green when you have a full charge and when it gets down to about 25% of a charge it's going to turn more of a yellow amber color and then when it gets down to less than 10% it's going turn to a red color. I don't like to let mine get that low. I seldom like the let mine get down to amber. I charge mine depending on how I'm using them about once a week. If I'm using them heavy I'll do a couple of times a week you can't hurt the system by charging it. Really a great little system when you cut it off. Beeps and the it shuts off. Great collar overall. Tri Tronics has been using these since the g2 came out. Consider the upland g3 which is another great model. This is just the current version they've made some improvements to make it a little stronger. Be sure to read the tritronics owners manual in case you need more help in proper dog training.