Tri Tronics Sport Basic G3

The TriTronics sport basic g3 is an entry-level sport g3 dog training model. It does not have a beeper like the upland g3 and it does not have multiple corrections mode you see on the g3 as well. But it does have the basic correction features of all the basic trainers on the market. The new Garmin/Tri-Tronics PRO Series replaces the G3 EXP trainers. The transmitter here you have three buttons on the front of transmitter. The top button triggers the tone button to send to the collar in order to warn your dog before you send a correction. The middle button sends a continuous correction to your dog that can last for about 10 seconds when held down. The bottom button sends a momentary correction which gives a quick jolt to the dog. The correction dial lets you set the correction strength from levels 10 down to 1. 10 being the highest and one being the lowest.

On the side you can select the collar that you are using. What is nice about the g3 collar is that you can add three additional co…